What If You Could 2X Your Business Revenue This Summer While Working Just 5-10 Hours Each Week?

MAY 13TH - 17TH, 2024

Join the free 5-day challenge to help holistic nutritionists and health coaches eliminate 80% of their to-do list this Summer and double (or triple) their revenue at the same time.


You want a thriving wellness biz...

Only problem is... there aren't enough hours in the week to get it all done.

There are 3 big hurdles that are keeping you from having the business you want...

You don't know what tasks to prioritize first because they all seem urgent and you don't want to do the wrong ones and waste time. You feel overwhelmed with all the components of growing your business and serving your clients and don't even know where on the mile-long to-do list to start most weeks.

Your to-do list and ideas are disorganized and scattered in multiple places (hello paper clutter and 1000 browser tabs) so day after day you do the easy stuff but procrastinate the big projects and always feel behind.

Your business bank account balance is not impressive despite all the time and energy you're putting in. You feel like you're right on the brink of cracking the code and seeing huge success if you could just pinpoint the right strategy to focus on instead of spinning your wheels.

It feels like there are SO MANY THINGS standing in your way which is causing you to either...

1. Work double-time late into the evening and sacrifice time with your family and socializing to squeeze in "just a few more things".

2. Second guess everything on your overwhelming to-do list and inevitably just check out for weeks at a time.

And no matter how hard you try, you're burning yourself out to either get all the to-do's done in a limited amount of time or you're battling mom guilt and other life responsibilities against your business goals and those other responsibilities are winning the battle.

Sound familiar?

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Andrea Nordling!

I show holistic nutritionists and health coaches how to build a profitable, impactful online practice and efficiently make consistent income every month in their biz without using social media.

Yep, I practice what I preach: When I deleted all my social media profiles and business pages, my business grew exponentially.

And yours can, too!

Step one is taking control of your calendar and efficiently planning your time, which is what you'll learn in this 5 day SummerTIME training series.

Let's go.

Here's the truth, friend: If you're going to build a hugely profitable wellness business that funds an awesome life for yourself, you're going to have to learn how to manage your time and priorities like a real BUSINESS.

It doesn't matter how great of a practitioner or coach you are if you don't have processes in place to get clients or serve them at the highest level.

And unlike as an employee, you don't get paid for showing up and putting in the hours.

Successful wellness business owners know that in order to have the freedom they want to enjoy their life outside of work, they need systems and processes in place to make sure the important stuff gets done without sacrificing their health and sanity along the way.

Working until midnight or skipping out on family lake days this Summer? Not the solution.

The real solution is:

1. Establish your 3 essential priority tasks to complete each week.

2. Automate, delegate or eliminate 80% of the busywork you're telling yourself you should be doing.

3. Stop procrastinating and actually do what's on your to-do list for the day so you can actually turn off your "work" brain

...and that's we are going to do inside of SummerTIME 2.0

MAY 13TH - 17TH, 2024

A free 5-day challenge to help holistic nutritionists and health coaches eliminate 80% of their to-do list this Summer and double (or triple) their revenue at the same time.

Yes, you CAN watch your business grow from the lake in between grill-outs and boat rides instead of starting over from scratch in September.

By the end of our 5 days together, you'll have your procrastination-proof 90 day SummerTIME plan all mapped out so you can stop thinking about all the things you should be doing and actually start making more money in your business with confidence, clarity, and efficiency and in just 5-10 hours a week.

Here's What You're Getting Inside The SummerTIME 2.0 Challenge:

5 Days of Step by Step Training to Take You From "WTF Do I do First" to Efficient, Profitable Business Owner

I'll show you exactly how to do it in our 5 days together using my personal time management system and templates that I have only ever shared in my paid program until now. 

Whoa whoa whoa...did someone say color-coded templates?

Yep. Sure did. You're going to love Day 2.

Monday - Thursday you'll get a link to the daily 20-30 minute training video sent directly to your inbox with a few simple tasks to complete.
No Fluff. These are brand new, totally updated video lessons from modules inside my paid program, The Profitable Nutritionist™.


Your 3 Essentials


Making Your Calendar


How To Get It Done


Your 4 Stages Of Business Growth

We'll wrap up the 5 Day SummerTIME 2.0 challenge with a LIVE workshop on Friday, May 17th

You'll finish your procrastination-proof 90 day SummerTIME plan and I'll answer any questions you have about growing your business with confidence, clarity, efficiency and in just 5-10 hours a week.

Oh wait... did you think that was it? Not even close.

A Fill-in-the-Blank 90-Day Roadmap So You Know Exactly WHAT To Do And WHEN To Do It This Summer

With this 90 day guided plan you'll easily identify your essential 3 priorities and break them down step by step to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Access To Our Private Challenge Group For Guided Support And Accountability

This will be your hub for the challenge where you can connect with other practitioners and coaches and get feedback as you implement the daily exercises.

This system works. But don't take my word for it.

Here's what previous participants have said:

“I have been doubling down on my time management and really tried hard to eliminate things that I do not need to be doing. I have honed in on my work hours and feel much more productive and happy while I’m working so I can shut it off when I’m not working.

- Lindsey L.

"I just revisited the Bonus Calendar Mastery Course and modified it to teach to a client yesterday, and as a prompt to start using that system again. It's brilliant! Thanks Andrea! 🥰"

- Suzy L.

"I implemented my first day of "batching" on Monday and was able to write all my marketing copy for the month. This is a huge win, as it frees up time each week that I used to use for this purpose."

- Gina W.

"Getting my business and personal calendar/schedule in order has been one thing that has helped me feel more in control of my business. I'm very grateful for the coaching this program provides on this topic."

- Robert C.

"I want to let you know how thankful I am for your time management training. Something that seemed so simple, but has DRASTICALLY impacted my productivity. I was getting so frustrated and was honestly at a loss as to how to manage my time well and keep my easily distracted brain on task. I have gotten so much done since implementing what I learned from the training. I thought it would overwhelm me, but it has actually done the opposite. I feel like I now have a hold on my business instead of feeling like I am running around in circles."

- Brianne B.

Still Have A Burning Question?

I'm still in school - should I even be trying to work on my business right now?

YES! Your friends, family and even complete strangers are going to be asking you all about this "nutrition thing" you're doing and you want to know how to talk about your expertise in a way that encourages them to spread the word on your behalf...and you want your ducks in a row and a place to send them. Everything you create in the SummerTIME Challenge is going to set the foundation for an efficient, thriving practice that doesn't sacrifice your health or sanity in the future.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Do you deeply desire working less hours, turning off your brain when you aren't in "work mode" and enjoying the other priorities in your life while making way more money? If so, you need SummerTIME.

Are all days live trainings?

No. Monday-Thursday you will receive a link to an on-demand video in your inbox at 7am CST daily to watch at any point that day. Each day's video builds upon what you created the previous day, so don't fall behind. On Friday, May 17th we'll come together for the LIVE Q&A at 12pm CST to polish up your 60 day plan, answer any questions you have about it, and get a few more advanced tips.

Is this for me if I'm not in nutrition?

If you are in the health and wellness space operating your own business, the SummerTIME Challenge will be very helpful for you.

Is this for me if I'm new in business?

Yes! The SummerTIME trainings are even MORE valuable when you're new in business because they'll help you create the foundation of efficient processes to build your entire business off of.

What if I can't dedicate time everyday?

Each day you'll need to have 30-40 minutes of video and implementation time so you don't get behind. This is the most high-value business activity you can put on your calendar. Implementing the SummerTIME training will radically change your business, so we highly recommend prioritizing that. The recordings will be available until May 22nd, and after that you'll still be able to access them inside The Profitable Nutritionist Program.

Why is this free?

It's not. The SummerTIME training is actual paid content from inside The Profitable Nutritionist® Program and is being released for free only for a limited time. Lucky you getting to have a sneak peak! (After May 22nd the free video access will expire and the training will only be available inside the paid program.)

If you've made it here, then it's time to decide if you...

Want to work 5-10 hours a week this summer AND make lots of money in your business?

Sign up for the SummerTIME training.

Want to know exactly what to work on each day when you sit down at your desk that is going to make you money and not waste your time?

Sign up for the SummerTIME training.

Want to know how to actually complete the tasks on your to-do list instead of procrastinating and pushing them to the next week?

Sign up for the SummerTIME training.

Want to grow your biz the next 3 months AND be present as a parent with your kids at home?

Sign up for the SummerTIME training.

Want to impact your clients lives so deeply that they send you testimonials and referrals and every single time it feels like cheating because their lives are transforming and you aren't even working that much?

Sign up for the SummerTIME training.

Are you in?